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Maggie’s Mittens is a Scottish themed story perfect for ages 2-8, by Author Coo Clayton.

This Sunday 12th of April from 12noon Coo’s stories can be viewed on our Facebook page @shopthecentre. Coo has recoreded two videos, which can be viewed at anytime from 12noon.

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Maggie’s Mittens
Maggie does not like wearing her mittens. Perhaps on her trip around Scotland she’ll find a way to get rid of them without Mum noticing. She throws, flings and catapults the mittens towards a number of potential new owners on their way to Granny’s house. But mittens are made to be worn by a child, not a lobster, or a Loch Ness Monster! As the weather turns, Maggie realises that her mittens are useful after all. But is it too late?

Maggies Monsters
Maggie loves monsters, but she is bored of her toy monsters and would much prefer a real one to play with. Perhaps on her trip around Scotland she’ll find one! Using her trusty binoculars, Maggie discovers an abundance of Scottish wildlife. A highland coo, a grey seal and even a golden eagle, but they are not the monster she’s searching for. Eventually Maggie spots the perfect monsters to play with, but it’s not quite what she expected!

After listening, why not download some colouring fun which will be here on our website from 12noon too.

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