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Opening Date and Operating Hours

1. When will The Centre fully reopen?

The Centre has remained partially open throughout the lockdown period, supporting access to essential services such as the pharmacy, banks and grocery stores. We are following guidance from the Scottish Government and in line with guidelines, non-essential stores can open from the 13th of July 2020.

We will be providing the latest updates on our website www.thecentrelivingston.com. Please check centre opening hours and individual store opening hours as timings may vary.

2. Will The Centre be operating usual opening hours?

From the 13th of July 2020 usual opening hours apply, however please note these may be subject to change at short notice.

Monday - 9am to 6pm
Tuesday - 9am to 6pm
Wednesday - 9am to 6pm
Thursday - 9am to 8pm
Friday - 9am to 6pm
Saturday - 9am to 6pm
Sunday - 10am to 6pm

Stores will be operating their individual trading hours and their usual trading hours may be reduced. Please check each store’s individual operating hours directly on their website or at www.thecentrelivingston.com.

3. Will all the stores trade the same hours?

Stores will be operating their individual trading hours and their usual trading hours may be reduced. Please check each store’s individual operating hours directly on their website or at www.thecentrelivingston.com

4. How many shops will reopen on the 13th of July 2020?

We ask that all visitors check their favourite store’s website prior to making the journey. Daily updates will also be available on www.thecentrelivingston.com.

Visiting Information

5. What changes should I expect?

We are doing all that we can to ensure that The Centre is a safe place to visit. A range of measures have been introduced, such as enhanced cleaning and safe distancing. We ask that all visitors use the dedicated entrance and exit at each entrance to The Centre and adhere to new measures once inside the mall. Our Customer Service Team will be on hand to assist with any queries you may have.

6. Will there be a time limit to shopping?

There is no time limit to how long you can spend at The Centre, please do adhere to the social distancing measures and safety guidelines in place.

7. Can we visit as a group/family?

Scottish Government Guidelines state that visitors should shop alone where possible. However, if you are shopping with children, we kindly ask that you ensure that your children are adhering to any measures in place. We would also recommend that you limit your group size, where possible.

Please also check with individual stores as they may have their own policies on group/ family visits.

8. Will I have to queue?

A queuing system will be in place at every entrance at peak times to regulate the number of visitors within the mall. A member of our team will be on hand for any questions you may have.

9. Is there a limit on the number of shoppers permitted in The Centre at any one time?

The number of customers in the mall throughout the day will be monitored, at busy times visitors may have to queue to enter.

10. How do you monitor the number of visitors in centre?

Real time footfall counting takes place via our footfall system and the management team have regular updates on the number of visitors in centre.

11. Do I need to wear a face covering?

In line with the Scottish Government Guidelines face coverings must be worn in The Centre and while you visit stores. We ask that all visitors observe this, and follow our safety messaging regarding this. There are however exceptions, please visit bit.ly/Phase3FaceCoverings for more information.

12. Will I have to queue for individual stores?

Yes, all stores within The Centre, Livingston have individual queuing areas which have been marked out with floor stickers. Each store will have their own guidelines on how many shoppers will be permitted at once.

13. Where shall I queue for Primark?

A queuing area for Primark will be designated outside their shop and will continue out the exit nearest to the Royal Bank. At busy times, it would be advisable to join the queue from the entrance closest to the Royal Bank.

Please find map below.

Primark Map

Restaurants and Eating Places

14. Will I be able to sit in and eat food in the mall?

From the 15th of July restaurants, cafés and eating places may have seating in place with social distancing measures. Until then many of our eating places are open for takeaway service.

15. Prior to the 15th of July can I purchase food from a restaurant, café or eating place?

Yes, several restaurants, cafés and eating places at The Centre, Livingston are open for takeaway service. However, we ask that no food is consumed in the mall areas.

16. What restaurants and cafés are open for takeaway service?

Please visit the eatery section of our website for more information on restaurants and cafés that are providing takeaway service.

Cleaning Regimes

17. The Centre has been partially opened for a while; what cleaning regimes are in place?

Deep cleaning regimes have taken place throughout the period of partial opening and these are in addition to the daily cleaning regimes which were already in place. Focus on touch point sanitation on door handles, lifts and toilets will take place. The deep cleaning regimes will continue once The Centre is fully reopened.

18. Have cleaning measures been changed?

Enhanced mall cleaning is taking place throughout the day with additional deep cleaning when the mall is closed. Touch points such as toilets, door handles and lift buttons will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

19. Have the staff had training?

All staff have been trained on new measures in place and will use what they have learned to adopt any new practices or ways of working.

20. What sort of PPE will be worn in centre?

Staff will wear PPE as appropriate.

21. Will staff be wearing face coverings?

Yes, all staff will be wearing a face covering, unless medically exempt from doing so.

Social Distancing

22. What social distancing measures are in place?

Two-metre social distancing is in place throughout The Centre. Visual and audio communications will highlight this to our visitors. Some stores may also be operating their own social distancing measures, we ask that our visitors respect the measures in place in each store and look out for visual cues.

23. I have heard that some retail settings are reducing their social distancing measures to 1m, why aren’t you doing this in the mall?

We are continuing to encourage a 2m safe distance in common areas, some of our retailers stores may adopt a 1m+ rule. Please keep a look-out for signage telling you about the social distancing measures whilst you visit.

24. Will you enforce social distancing guidelines?

Social distancing measures are communicated throughout The Centre, we ask that everyone who visits follows our guidelines. Our teams will remind visitors of the guidelines should this be required.

25. What if a store does not follow guidelines?

Over the period of partial opening we have been working with our stores to ensure that measures are in place for reopening. Guidance will continue to be given to stores, if they do not follow guidelines.


26. Are all the toilet facilities open?

Toilet facilities will be available throughout The Centre, however due to the implementation of social distancing measures the number of toilets available will be less than usual. All our accessible toilets remain open.

27. Are the car park facilities open?

Car Parking is available in Car Park 1, Car Park 2, and The Retail Park. The number of spaces available has not been reduced. Cashless payment options are also available.

28. Are cashless payment facilities available in all Car Parks?

Cashless payments are available in all Car Parks. In the Retail Park, the APCOA connect app can be downloaded and used to facilitate a cashless payment.

29. Can I use the lifts?

Yes, one person or household can use the lift at any one time. Guidance and information are available at each lift.

30. Can I use the escalators?

Yes, please adhere to social distancing rules and keep a 2 metre space from those in front of you on the escalators. Hand sanitisers are available for use at the bottom and top of the escalator.

31. Can I still use The Centre, Livingston, Mobility Service?

Pre-booking for The Centre, Livingston, Mobility Service is required. The service will be open for pre-booked customers Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, please contact 01506 442 744 to make an appointment. At the time of making an appointment further information on pickup of your hire will be given.

32. Will the baby feeding facility be open?

The baby feeding facility will be open at all times and can be accessed using the lift or escalator. Enhanced cleaning regimes are in place to ensure a high standard of cleanliness.

33. Will there be seating available in the mall?

In order to introduce several social distancing measures, the number of seating available in the mall has been reduced. However, there are priority seating areas throughout The Centre for use by our visitors - please adhere to social distancing measures when using the seating areas.

34. When will Aerial Adventures reopen?

Scottish Government Guidelines suggest that leisure facilities can reopen in phase four of the Scottish Government route map. At present there is no date for reopening, please watch our website www.thecentrelivingston.com for further information and updates.

35. Is the Customer Service Desk open?

During the initial period of reopening the Customer Service Desk will remain closed, our Customer Service Staff will be on hand throughout the mall to help with any queries you may have.

Gift Cards

36. Will I be able to purchase a Gift Card?

Gift Cards are available online via our website www.thecentrelivingston.com. If you require to purchase a Gift Card whilst visiting, please speak to one of the Customer Service Team who will be able to assist.

37. My Gift Card has expired during lockdown, what can I do?

Please email enquiries@thecentrelivingston.com with information on your Gift Card and expiry date and one of our team will be in touch.

Customer Service

38. Will Customer Service Staff be available should I have any queries?

Customer Service Staff will be based throughout The Centre and will be available to assist with any queries you may have. The Customer Service Team will be wearing Hi-Vis vests.

What to expect when visiting The Centre

· Several additional health and safety measures have been introduced.

· There will be dedicated entrance and exit doors.

· Visitors may have to queue to enter at busy times.

· Visitors will be encouraged to sanitise their hands when they visit, and sanitising stations are located at every entrance in the mall.

· Social distancing measures are in place and visitors will be reminded to keep a safe distance.

· Floor stickers, digital signage, posters and audio will remind shoppers of the new measures in place.

· A one-way system is in operation in a small section of the mall.

· In order to ensure social distancing measures can be introduced some facilities may be reduced or suspended.

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