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In 2019 record breaking numbers of people took part in Veganuary, introducing a host of new diners to the delights of plant-based dishes.

At The Centre there are over 20 eateries to choose from and if you’re on the hunt for vegan-friendly treats there’s something to satisfy every appetite – from tasty snacks to light lunches, family favourites and date-night dishes.

Here are a few of our favourite menu highlights available at The Centre.

ASK Italian

ASK Italian’s menu is bursting with mouth-watering vegan dishes for adults and children alike – from hearty Vegan Spaghetti Lentil Ragu to their Vegan Blood Orange and Chocolate Tart – the winner of PETA’s sweet treat award.

Try their beautiful Super Green Soup – a light vegetable broth with peas, courgettes, leeks, baby kale and potatoes, topped with pea shoots, or opt for their Super Green Prima Pizza, which features a pea purée base topped with tender baby kale, asparagus, peas, red pepper pearls, spinach, balsamic red onions and vegan mozzarella alternative.

Super Green Soup, Super Green Prima Pizza


Nando’s might be a haven for fans of PERi-PERi chicken but they also have some mouth-watering vegan options and substitutions that make vegan dining a breeze.

Why not opt for creamy houmous drizzled with smoky PERi-PERi oil, served with triangles of warm pitta, followed by sweet potato and butternut burger or wrap, with red pepper, onion, edamame beans and a hint of smoked paprika – just ask for them to hold the mayo to make this a tasty vegan feast.

There’s also Nando’s Veggie Cataplana  - a warming combination of chickpeas, chargrilled veg and beans in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce, served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings. 

Veggie Cataplana


For lunch on the go, check out the vegan offerings at Greggs where their Vegan Sausage Roll hit the headlines as one of the most popular additions to their menu. The Vegan Sausage Roll has been designed to mirror some of the sausage roll’s classic features including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry, wrapped around Greggs’ bespoke Quorn filling.

There’s also a delicious Vegan Wrap with mixed beans in a spicy tomato and jalapeño sauce teamed with sweet potato falafel, mixed peppers, chipotle chilli sauce and fresh salad leaves, all packed in to a soft tortilla wrap.

Vegan Sausage Roll


If you’re partial to a touch of spice why not pop along to Chiquito for the authentic taste of Mexico - their Go Lighter Fajita can be easily adapted to be vegan-friendly. Seasoned roasted vegetables, guacamole and salsa can be served with jalapeños and sweetcorn instead of the traditional cheese and sour cream. Chiquito’s garlic bread also makes the perfect side as it’s made with spread rather than butter.

Finally for an indulgent sweet treat, why not opt for Chiquito’s chocolate and coconut lava cake – served warm with a gooey melting top.

NowNow Cafe

At the stylish NowNow Cafe you’ll find everything from enticing breakfasts and healthy lunches to indulgent cakes and heart-warming homemade soup. There really is something for everyone, as the menu includes a host of vegan options to choose from.

Why not sample their Vegan Wrap which combines slow-roasted Italian vegetables with vegan-friendly Violife cheese, or try their tasty Vegan Burger with vegan cheese and salad.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a beautiful slice of NowNow Cafe’s vegan cakes – their Lemon Grove Cake, with edible flowers and a scattering of pumpkin seeds looks too good to eat, but trust us, you won’t leave a crumb! 

Cake, burger and wrap


If you’re wanting to refuel between shopping sprees why not give the Vegan Sub and Salad a try at Subway? It features a patty busting with the vibrant flavours of tasty red pepper, spicy chilli, garlic and red onion.

Costa Coffee

Over at Costa Coffee their teas and coffees can all be made vegan friendly by opting for soya or coconut milk. You can pick up healthy on-the-go snacks including fruit pots, dried fruit and nut mix as well as warming lunches such as tomato and basil soup and a tempting oaty jam bake as a sweet treat!


Vegans are truly spoiled for choice with wagamama’s dedicated vegan menu which features exciting new additions as well as some reworked wagamama classics.

The most exciting addition to their menu is Avant Gard’n – a collaborative dish with vegan chef Gaz Oakley. BBQ glazed seitan, asparagus and grilled shitake mushrooms rest on a bed of brown rice, topped with edamame beans, carrots and spring onions with a sweet amai sauce. The real hero of the dish is the vegan ‘egg’ made with creamy miso infused coconut and sriracha mayo.

Their Vegatsu is also a real vegan sensation and a fantastic plant-based alternative to wagamama’s iconic katsu curry. The Vegatsu features seitan coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in aromatic curry sauce with sticky white rice and a dressed side salad.

For dessert, their refreshing sorbets and ice creams are guaranteed to please including chocolate and orange blossom ice cream and pink guava and passion fruit sorbet. Vegan-friendly beers and wines are also labelled on the menu, making wagamama a great choice for vegan dining.

Avant Gard’n


Harvester prides itself on providing mouth-watering dishes that ensure the whole family can gather around the table to enjoy a meal together – from global grills and salads, to burgers and rotisserie chicken and they’ve extended their range of vegan dishes with a brand new vegan and veggie menu.

You can now enjoy The Purist Burger – a Moving Mountains plant-based patty, smothered with a melting mature Violife vegan-cheese slice, nestled in a seeded bun with baby gem lettuce, tomato and a pickled chilli.

If after all that you’ve still got room for a dessert, Harvester has got you covered. Try their Vegan Sundae Best – a vegan take on the Harvester classic dessert. Scoops of vanilla non-dairy ice-cream are drizzled in your choice of Belgian chocolate, raspberry or strawberry sauce – heaven!

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