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Cex are looking for a new sales assistant member to join their team.

  • Do you love digital entertainment - you have pockets full of gadgets right now and a decent collection of games and DVDs at home- you absorb what you read about technology simply because you are crazy about it
  • You are a reliable and trustworthy retail assistant, able to support your management
  • you are a pro-active and flexible colleague
  • You genuinely love working with like-minded customers
  • You would like to move into a supervisory position one day.

About the Role

  • Report to your store manager
  • receive on the job training and access to a competency framework
  • ensure our frontline service is exciting and attentive
  • Receive regular performance reviews
  • Travel to store to gain experience or give support
  • Be eligible to receive a 4 weekly bonus based on store performance

If you would like to apply please go to